Wings & Things Cookbook

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From the award-winning and fried-chicken obsessed duo behind Wingmans, chef Ben Ford and David Turofsky, comes Wings and Things, a book that celebrates the glorious bird with some of the most mouth-watering, saucy, internationally inspired variations on classic wings.

Recipes to savour include moreish favourites such as their multi-award-winning Buffalo Hot Sauce, Korean 'Seoulja' Boi Wings with fermented black bean, pineapple, and black sesame, Jamaican'Me Crazy Wings made firey with Scotch bonnet chillies, and the 'Szech-One' coated in five spice and Szechuan salt.

Other chapters offer ways to make use of the other parts of a chicken so as to avoid waste - you'll find 24-hour Tea-brined Whole Chicken, and recipes using the thighs and drumsticks. Ben and David also show how easy it is to use wing tips and other bones to make the best possible chicken stock, and chicken skin to make incredible Crack Crumb - a salty, irresistible topping made from crisped-up skin.
You'll also find recipes to complete your chicken feast including sides, sharing plates, burgers, drinks and unbelievable desserts.

Spread your wings and master the art of cooking chicken wings to perfection!